Thursday, January 15, 2009

Babies, Babies and MORE babies.

It seems that everyone around me is pregnant. I have two sister inlaws, and my sister inlaw's sister in law, and i think they're all having boys!

The first one to be born will be Gibson (my sister in law's sister in law)... so i decided what better treat for the nursery than a beautiful banner!!

I seriously have no clue what the nursery will look like so I'm waiting to hear back from the spies before I put some decor along the sides of the banner and the two outside banner panels.

Still have lots to do, but for now it works!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Half and quater century birthdays

Today was my cousin's (25th) and my Auntie's (50th) Birthday! Well, my aunt actually had her bday last week but she just got to town, so we celebrated them together. Having a bday near xmas is HARD! I KNOW! (mine's Jan 6) So I also give Much empathy toward xmas babies. So i decided to take all those skills I learned from Katie Watson's Banner Class at Paper Tales and put it to good use! I had 2 triangle banner pieces left over from the class and was going to make only 1 banner with both the pieces one with a 5 on it and the other with a 0. But then the numbers were so small for each piece i decided to split them up and make one for each of them! I wrapped their packages and then used them as a bow! It was really cute.

I really didn't mean to shoot their chest. But loved how they wore them as banner necklaces!!

This was what they looked like before going on the presents! CUTE!!!
They both loved them so much! My aunt said she's going to hang hers around her mirror when she gets home! I love it! My cousin says she may regift it, which i thought was VERY smart! I mean you only turn 25 once! HEE HEE!
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Sunday, December 7, 2008

I made a pretty Banner!

This is how the class started out. It was a haut mess. OMG, there were so many people there. I've never been to a class at PT, so i had no clue what to expect. I met some really nice ladies, and had a great time. In the end I came home with a fabulous banner, a face full of glitter, and a head full of new ideas! So much fun!! Thanks michelle!
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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Paper Tales Trip a couple days too early

Aunt Flow is the Devil, she makes me do horrible things. Like cry for no reason, get lazy when I need not be, and SHOP!
I left work an hour early yesterday so that I could get home take a valum (sp) and call it a night. I detoured and went to paper tales and then JO Anne's for some fabric.
This is what i got and made last night to help keep my mind off the pain. It didn't work for very long. BUt at least I got something done!

Look they're Wine bottle aprons!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Happy Day to the start of a WONDERFUL Holiday

Today is the day we celebrate the mother in law's side of the family's Turkey day. We start the day off with lots of food, catching up and then we head over to the mini golf course to compete in our annual familty tournament. It's a blast. The boxes went over well, and I apologize for the delay on the cupcake box update. I made more, 5 more. So now a total of 20. Actually 23 b/c i made a few for my family.

Anyhoo they went over swimmingly. So did the pepper jelly, and the cupcakes, and the breakfast potatoes. Those were SOOOOOOOOOO good. Yummmm. I made the decision to never cook out of any other cookbooks than "America's Test Kitchen Cookbook" And "Make it Now Bake it Later". Both fantastic and eqully amazing. And neither has ever failed me. I did use to find the pumpkin pie cupcake recipe, and that was awesome too. I didn't think they would be as sweet as they were, but i liked them still. I'm not a fan of sweet stuff. Well I'll allow you enjoy the photos. Hope you all had a great weekend!! Here's the table all set and pretty!!

The pumpkin pie cupcakes were really yummy!!!

I had fun playing with my camera, and my sister in law's house is absolutley amazing for photography. There's lots of artsy areas, and this old door turned into an outdoor mirror made for tons of great shots. This was not one of the best ones, but i hardly ever take pics of myself.

Scott (tommy's cousin) and his wife Tamzin have two gorgeous kids that made for some awesome shots as well. This little guy Riley had hours of fun watching the pool balls fall into the baskets.

Duffy (my brother in law) has a large outdoor scrabble board, so he wrote us a message.

(Below) Our mini gold tourny, at the Del Mar golf course. that place was amazingly decorated. Here we're in a shark cage.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

RE-CLAIMING Math genius Status!

So, those cupcake boxes? Yeah I made 8 more last night.
I borrowed Miss prissy's Scor-pal, flower punch, and and coluzzle, and went to town, form 9pm to 1am. But i get them all done!

So my reclimation of my status:
I figured it out. Cut the cardstock for the lids at the 5 7/8" square. then Scor-pal at the 5" all the way around! Lid fits, and you can get 4 lids out of a 12x12!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Older, by trying to reverse the process.

My birthday is coming up in January. And I LOVE DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!! Since I know how to stamp now, I thought it would be adorable to send out birthday invites to meet up with me at Disneyland! We'll have lunch at Ariel's Grotto, and have a blast! So I went to Paper Tales and found this adorable little stamp that says YOU'RE INVITED. and a castle to go with it. Bought some A Muse kitchen pink notecards and envelopes and Some A Muse pretty little papers ric-rac tropic collection and created the invites. I had loads of fun doing this on a Saturday morning. I need to put things away and clean up before the holidays start, so all the crafts have to be "in order". and Any other crafter knows, that it's not about order in the middle of a project, it's about accessibility, as long as you know where it is, it's in order! That's what I tell my husband about my shoes too. So today I need to hit up the Camera store and pick up a new clear UV filter for my new lens, and I thought I'd stop by Paper Tales while I was close to there and see about getting a couple more ink colors, and another pack of the notecards. B/c ten will just NOT do it. Oh! BTW, everyone is invited to Disneyland, who am I to say you can't come! But if you'd like to join us for lunch you have to let me know, b/c I need to tell them a definite number by the 1st of January. I'd love to have everyone come! It really is the happiest place on earth.